Suppositories, Struthio (10 Pack)

Suppositories, Struthio (10 Pack)

Potant Healing With Maximum Obsorbion


A powerful synergistic blend of all natural ingredients and quick absorbing, transdermal Struthio Oil for ultimate holistic health. Each application delivers potent actives to deliver CBD and other anti-inflamation oil into your system. Pure Struthio Oil used as the delivery system. Transdermal properties of Struthio oil make it Superior to any other plant or synthetic base we have found.



Ingredients: Pure Stuthio Oil, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Pure Hemp Extract CBD Isolate, 



Directions for use: Suppositories should be frozen prior to use. Peel the suppository mold open by separating the two halves and pulling apart from the bottom up. Be prepared to insert the suppository when opening and removing from holder, they will soften quickly.  Each suppository contains 10mg CBD. Effects should occur within minutes of application. As with any suppository there will be residual oils present for a short period after use.


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